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Quality Assurance

Specialty Glass, Inc. possesses a firm commitment to deliver the finest quality glass demanded in today’s specialty glass markets. Quality Assurance is an integral part of our commitment, ensuring that our glass products meet the highest standards. We continually manufacture glass products adhering to strict customer specifications while maintaining traceability and on-time delivery.

Specialty Glass Quality Assurance
Quality Assured Glass Products
Our in-house laboratory conducts in process product testing to ensure the production of high quality specialty glasses. In a further effort to provide the most comprehensive quality assurance, raw materials are technical grade or better requiring a certificate of analysis. Each batch of raw materials is carefully weighed, blended, and documented on the batch history. The batch history continues to follow each batch for total process traceability insuring accuracy through shipment. In addition, SGI employs ASTM methods for physical property measurements traceable to NIST standards where possible.

  • Fiber Softening Pt°C (ASTM C338)
  • Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (ASTM C372)
  • Index of Refraction utilizing index oils
  • Microscopic inspection capabilities
  • Halogen Moisture Analysis
  • Characterization of particle size using Horiba instrumentation
Quality Assurance November 18, 2014