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Production Techniques

Production Techniques - Melting, Forming

With the utilization of a wide variety of innovative production techniques, Specialty Glass, Inc. is able to provide its customers with a custom tailored experience to meet their unique glass needs and goals. Industry experienced and uniquely equipped, SGI has the capability to melt and process glass and glass ceramics for your research and development projects to larger scale production volumes. SGI has the ability to design and build equipment and furnaces needed to facilitate each and every glass to frit, cullet, powder, rod or custom specification.

Melting: Crucible and day tank furnaces for melting are used to produce glass compositions tailored to our customer’s specific requirements. Dedicated crucibles are used to melt given glass formulations with day tanks being used to handle larger quantities. Utilizing our custom built gas and electric furnaces, capable of temperatures in excess of 1600°C, Specialty Glass Inc. is superbly equipped to melt the highest quality glasses. Our pure fused silica crucibles melt 3 to 60 pounds, while our custom built day tanks are capable of producing up to 600 pounds per day. With a new crucible or dedicated day tank, cross contamination is effectively eliminated further insuring customer satisfaction.

Forming: Forming at SGI includes water quenching, roll quenching, plate forming, rod and injection molded shapes. If necessary, glass frit and cullet can be further processed into powder by dry and wet milling, screening, crushing or other operations needed to achieve the desired glass product.

Production Techniques November 18, 2014